faithkatie asked:

Hey! I'm starting a Christian blog similar to yours, and I just love your blog. My question is how to get the word out from my blog to everyone, I guess I'm just not sure how blogs work yet. Anyways, any help/advice would be great. I'm on the same mission with you!

ooh great! just followed you haha. 

i don’t really have a strategy as to getting the word out about my blog. i do post a lot, with a lot of tags. maybe that’ll help? 

anyways. so cool that you’re doing this too :D God bless!

Anonymous asked:

My family, I want to help them, I've tried what God said and all it did was backfire. (Not that I'm upset about it. I was expecting it I just did the thing cause it was something that God asked me to do.) But it still wasn't enough to do anything for them. Everyone of them misunderstood my intentions. I want to try again but I have this feeling that I'm just not the right person for this . . .

Well, you will never go wrong by praying for them. Because only God can change their hearts (which you seem to know, judging from what you said). So just keep praying. 

And I think you should try again! Maybe keep witnessing to them directly. Or, if you think you’re not the right person for that, just live your life in God’s love. That’s witnessing too, and the most powerful kind. 

God bless! and good luck. I really hope things work out.