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  • Please help! I'm dealing with self harm and I know it's wrong. I've been a Christian since birth and I'm a happy follower of God but this one addiction just won't leave me and it's so hard to stop. What can I do to try and recover from this?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hi. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. That’s really brave of you. I don’t really know much about self harm or how to help people with self harm. But I have my own problems, so I’ll try to talk from there. 

    When I have big addictions that I can’t deal with, I find that it helps to talk to another Christian who is more mature than I am but who is also someone whom I can trust. It’s nice to say it out loud and not keep it in. Also you get guidance and prayer and LOVE out of the bargain <3 We’re all a family in Christ. We want to be here for you. 

    Happiness isn’t something that’s from having success or love or even just the absence of worries. It’s about knowing who you are in Christ. The God who made roses also made you, and seems you are much more valuable than the prettiest rose bouquet. It’s hard to really comprehend that, for me at least. I was also born in the church, and after a while, you stop realizing the magnitude of that. But God really does love you, whether we care or not. In Paradise Lost, Satan talks about the tyranny of heaven, which means that God will love us no matter what we do. We can beg him not to care, we can curse at him and despise him- and we do! But we are his creatures, and he will never stop loving us. 

    I hope that’s at least something. It’s not very practical in that these are steps to a full recovery. But I’m really sorry. I just don’t know, and I don’t want to presume too much. After all, I don’t even know you. But God bless, and thanks so much for sharing with me. You’re a really big blessing to me. 

    You are absolutely inspirational darling! Just looking at your blog, and seeing what you have to say to others is truly amazing! You are truly an angel. God Bless you!

    all glory to God.  I’ve been so blessed, and everyone has been so kind.  Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, though.  God bless! 

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